Yes Indeed!: Inside Love and Light’s Phresh EP “So Much Yes” By Christian Cortes


Yes Indeed!: Inside Love and Light’s Phresh EP “So Much Yes”

By Christian Cortes

Three new songs made their momentous way into the audiostream this week courtesy glitch-funk duo Love and Light. Appearing on the Simplify Records label, Matt Madonna and Ryan Anderson’s So Much Yes EP is a feast of funky-phresh bass blasts and glitchy electronic beats that melt together like an overclocked hard drive threatening to liquefy on the dance floor.

A nonstop barrage of rhythmic sonic artifacts and trippy electric textures reinforced by pulsating bass waves connect three songs—two originals and one sensuous, funk-forward remix from Sugarbeats featuring cross-genre vocalist Veronica RockStar—that prove electronic music genres exist only to evolve. Looping software bugs, tripped-out phasers and retro instrumental samples echo between walls of churning noise, twisted slaps, powerful kicks and occasional vocal samples, creating something akin to KOAN Sound blended with Opiuo’s computer nerd brother.

“But I want more!” you shout. Though L&L’s So Much Yes tour wraps up this weekend in Chicago, Matt Madonna’s solo project POCKiTZ just took the top slot in Mochipet’s “Psilocybin Samurai” remix contest following the release of his new EP This and That.

With more tunes and remixes assuredly to come from the L&L boys, keep your ears peeled and your dance shoes within reach!


Love and Light

Gaining momentum and international recognition, the Love and Light movement has earned its way to a variety of venues, main stage opportunities and headlining time slots. The most memorable of which being: Burning Man Shambhala Music Festival, Ultra Music Festival, Coachella, Wakarusa, Lightning in a Bottle, SONIC BLOOM, Gem and Jam Festival Symbiosis Events, Envision Festival, Rainbow Serpent Festival, The Bounce Festival, Earth Frequency Festival, and enchanted forest gathering
Love and Light aims to break the mold of the dance-music experience by providing a fresh and uplifting take on bass music that, unless you’ve had a live connection with the duo, you’ve never heard before.
Matt and Ryan found their roots in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada, forever transforming their lives at Burning Man Festival. Inspired to share the feelings of connectedness and offer the freedoms of a new musical experience to people around the world, Love and Light has grown to be not only a “DJ duo”, but pioneers a of potently exciting omnigenre experience.
Check out their soundcloud to stream and download free music:



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