If you dont see a web chat interface above click here to launch the webchat in a full window, agree to continue to the site (its safe – just no ssl certificate – click advanced and continue in chrome) and choose room

New to IRC? Here are some commands to get you started:

  • /help Display help.
  • /clear Clear the chat output in this channel.
  • /nick [nick] Change your nickname.
  • /msg [nick] [msg] Send a private message.
  • /whois [nick] Find out all manner of things about someone.
  • /me [text] Emote.
  • /away Set your status to away.
  • /back Set your status to back.

Also – we have some available bot commands thanks to ChrisAM:

    Available Commands:

  • !np = Current Song
  • !dj = Stream Title/Current DJ
  • !server = Server Status
  • !status = Current Status of Stream (users/kbps)
  • !record = Listeners Peak
  • !listen = Get playlist
  • !genre = Shows Genre
  • !website !site !url = Shows url/site
  • !icq = ICQ Number
  • !aim = AIM Address

IRC Client Information |
Room: #Glitch.FM

Chat information for web IRC interface | IRC Client Information | Server: Room: #Glitch.FM

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