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Symbiosis Re:Union

Chasing Dawn: A Sensory Dive into Symbiosis Gathering 2015

Thirteen hours, two mugs of coffee, three gas tanks, one power nap and 800 miles later and I was checking in for what I expected to be the most sonically-focused, true-to-the-word “transformational” festival of my summer. Less than a week of planning for an event I did not expect to attend had deposited me at […]

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Searching for the Perfect Sound: A Lightning in a Bottle Story by Christian Cortes

There it is. Sunday night and I’m wearing a grin that feels bigger than my face and all the aches and pains of four days of nonstop stage hopping, dancing and group yoga fade into glee as I realize I don’t need a thing in the world more than what’s in front of me. Sounds […]

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