Album Review: Intangible : Numatik 4/26/2015 “A Sonic Manifestation that Refuses to be Captured” By Christian Cortes


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Album Review: Intangible

Artist: Numatik


“A Sonic Manifestation that Refuses to be Captured”

By Christian Cortes

Finding a comfortable home under Merkaba Music’s sacred roof of shamanic sounds and inter-dimensional discoveries, conscious producer Numatik’s new EP Intangible is a sonic exploration through the earth, across the midlands of humanity’s most ancient sounds and into the lofty realms of the sky. Occasional downtempo detours accented by drippy textures, harmonic steel beats and deep, curative bass keep the rhythm moving through brilliant and sometimes alien soundscapes that test the limits of comfort without ever losing momentum.

The opening incantation, Pristine Origins, prepares the ears for a deep voyage into the sceneries of the mind. A sacred feminine voice (courtesy Eve Olution) calls out through a amalgam of aboriginal and futuristic sounds—percussive rattles, polyphonic chants, comforting bells, bubbling liquids and swirling beams of energy—in a prelude that seamlessly eases into the first song.

The title track, Intangible, quickly establishes a tempo that means business. Symphonic steel echoes into airy harmonics and deep, vibratory plucks that will not be denied your body’s movements. Spinning textures bounce from side to side, stirring organic and otherworldly sounds into a bubbling cauldron of rhythmic bass and accented beats. Just as the sonic concoction begins to quiet, the invisible conductor adds another dash of spiraling textures, giving birth to a new set of sounds that perish just as quickly as they come and tease a deeper adventure ahead.

Dancing Orbits places me in an ancient field as the dull thump of evolution booms in the distance. Silhouetted smokestacks form on the horizon, rhythmically spewing dark clouds into the air that soon take form as ever-changing glassy machines. A metallic hand reaches out from the expanse, its surface crawling with familiar images and changing textures, and silently wraps me in its cold but luminous embrace. It is not long before the warmth of its interior furnaces penetrates my thin barrier of flesh. Tendrils of glowing metal churn into increasingly complex machinery, obscuring my vision and revealing new shapes that transform the landscape piece by piece. Just as the process reaches a crescendo, all seems to revert in an instant and I am left bare in the fields, transparent wisps of polychrome fading from my vision.

I am awakened by the earthen drums of Terra Tribe. Lifted by a pillow of revolving harps and harmonic clouds, I rapidly move from the dirt to the sky. Thermal pillars fueled by terrestrial fires lift me higher, allowing me to peer beyond the horizon to the boundary between times, where the tides of light and darkness meet in a whirlpool of textures that my primitive mind begs to comprehend. Harps and deep earth rhythms are juxtaposed in a battle of sounds, with the victor bringing me back to the soils of my origin.

Arriving at the boundary of a downtempo jungle, my pupils adjust to The Sound of Opening Eyes. I peer into a dark world beneath the canopy, finding it bustling with life and something unfamiliar but equally alive. Pushing through the drapery of vines, I move forward in my curiosity as watery drums illuminate the steps ahead. Tantric chants, ancestral sounds and drippy beats lure me on an entheogenic journey into the heart of darkness. I encounter a swirling mass of primitive and alien sounds as I reach a clearing.  Refusing to be studied closely, the form sporadically pops in and out of reality, revealing a new side as it conceals another. It leaves only its essence as it fades—a fragrant mixture of digital lights, birdcalls and insectoid chimes.

As I leave the jungle, The Dance of Monkey Priests brings me to the base of a great mountain, my eyes fixed upon undisturbed temples nestled into cloud-wrapped peaks. Gently at first, I am enticed to crawl up the mountain’s face and find my primal roots in the journey upward. Sensuous tones lure me higher as familiar steel handpans and liquidy bass give my ascent form. Cresting the ridge, I step into a ledge carved into the earth where organic, metallic and airy sounds dance in revolving harmony. Thinking I have found the wizards fueling this hallucinogenic world, their hands manipulating each sonic environment from afar, I step back in admiration, but find the cliff has moved and I fall into the sky. Like a leaf in the wind, occasionally caught by metal chimes and warm winds, I drift into the clouds below. Primal calls and the rush of air serve as the final sounds of my auditory journey into past, present and future.”


Summit Jaffe, as Numatik, offers fresh and timelessly deep musical expressions of interconnected love. Nestled currently in the ancient mountains of Appalachia, Summit has been digging deeper and deeper into his creative outlets in a mission of self-discovery and unfoldment. After experimenting with and learning the foundations of analog electronic music at a young age, he became enthralled in the infinite creative potential of digital composing and producing music. Through his relationship to the eternal rhythms of life, his creative disciplines, and his global travels, Summit has opened into a deeper understanding of his role on Earth. Numatik is a project created to share his vision of the universe as an interconnected and eternal vibration, through intentionally arranged patterns of sound. This music is created as a modern day song of unity, intended to weave together the worlds of the ancient and the present, the darkness and the light. This music is here to transform dance floors into containers for free movement expression of the divinity within us. Numatik enters your ears as deeply connected sonic landscapes, dripping with futuristic textures, emotionally interwoven with acoustic instrumentation from all around the world, and finished off with a special seasoning of the bootybumpin’ dirty south. Numatik sets often feature many different vocalists and musical performers contributing acoustic compliments to his digital music, bringing a truly unique and sincere offering into the world of electronic music.

Numatik has shared the stage with many acts including Tipper, Alex and Allyson Grey, Rising Appalachia, Kalya Scintilla, The Polish Ambassador, Bluetech, Desert Dwellers, Random Rab, Govinda, Thriftworks, and more.

He has also been blessed with the opportunities to musically collaborate with artists like Rising Appalachia, Elijah Ray and the Band of Light, and Entheo.

He has shared his original music in places like Costa Rica, California, Colorado, New York, New Hampshire, Connecticut, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Massachusetts.

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